Giving Back to God

Giving is a part of our worship to God. It has been said that you can tell nearly everything about a person by the way they spend their money. Whether you are tithing in obedience to Malachi 3:10 or contributing over and above your tithe as an act of sacrificial generosity, your money will help Good Shepherd minister God’s hope and healing to our community and beyond.

We give out of obedience, gratitude and love!  We give to participate in the blessings which come from a life of generosity!  You may give during the traditional gathering of offering during either of our Sunday morning worship service times or you may contact the church office to sign-up for automatic withdrawal payments through your bank.  Giving here, safely and securely online, is also an option and one of the easiest ways to participate in the joy and discipline of giving to your church body.  Thank you for exploring your giving options!

Thank you for Helping!

Good Shepherd believes that God has called us to be a church of action. 10% of all gifts given are automatically allocated to local and global missions work.

Good Shepherd supports 9 missionaries both home and abroad. As well Good Shepherd hosts a monthly food pantry for people in our direct community.

Thank you for helping us Be and Make Committed Followers of Jesus Christ!